Ryan Shumway


Sunday | East End

Every Sunday the high school students meet at 10:40am in East End for worship and the message. Sunday’s are when we come together from different schools, grades, and neighborhoods to connect our hearts together in worship. Sunday mornings are specific in their worship, Biblical teaching, and prayer emphasis. We believe that we are all part of something bigger, We are part of God’s family, and we spend Sunday’s celebrating that.

Wednesday at Green | Jan 11 – April 26

Bible Time (BT)
We spend Wednesdays digging into scripture and asking good questions of how God’s Word should change the way we see the world around us. We create discussion groups and spend our time continuing to grow together towards Christ.

Summer Trips & Fall Retreats

Our trips and retreats are put in place to further push students to take steps towards Jesus in all areas of their life. We want to give middle school students the opportunity to get outside of their typical routine and make time and space to stop and listen to what God is saying to them, and how he wants to use them to build the kingdom. Whether it’s a time to refocus their own relationship with Jesus, their relationship with peers and leaders, or with the community around them, we want students to walk away from High School ready to impact their friends, families, and local communities for Christ.


Middle School

Young Adults