Annual Backpack Outreach

August 2 & 3 | 10am-3pm | Grades K-12

It may feel like summer has only just begun, but the back-to-school season will be here before we know it! And, for some families in our community, this time of year presents unique financial challenges. We want to help ease that burden for as many students and families as possible. If you, or someone you love, needs assistance in gathering school supplies for their children this fall, come see us! Let us help.

Children entering grades K-12 are eligible to join us at The Chapel in Green on Friday, Aug. 2, or Saturday, Aug. 3, from 10am-3pm. Each student will choose his or her own backpack and fill it with supplies like pencils, notebooks, glue sticks, and more. We’ll even send you home with the tissues and hand sanitizers that teachers love so much! (Supplies may be limited per household, based on demand.)

This event is completely free, and no, you don’t need to attend our church to come and fill a backpack for your kiddos. There are no strings attached. You have a need; we have enough. Come and let us serve your family, with no questions asked!

Want to help?


Donations due August 1

Help us gather backpacks and school supplies. Simply pick up a few things on our list, then drop off your items at our Green Campus on a Sunday morning, or any weekday during business hours!


Shifts available July 30 and August 1-3

Sign up to work a shift on our backpack distribution days. Assist guests with registration; help kids and families select their backpacks; replenish supplies as needed; or pray with parents throughout the event.

Got Questions?

We’re keeping things easy for you! There’s no need to sign up or register in advance. Just show up on August 2 or 3 (choose the day that works best for you!), and we’ll be happy to help your family make a backpack for each child in your home.

Not a penny. Nothing. Nada. This event is our gift to families in our community who may be struggling. We want to serve you and love you well, and this is one simple way for us to do that. So put the checkbooks away, load the kids in the car, and come let us take care of your school supplies for the year!

Absolutely. Whether your kids are enrolled in public school, private school, an online academy, or are homeschooled, we are happy to help you provide supplies for them if your family has a need.

Unfortunately, students entering preschool are not eligible. This particular outreach event exists to serve only students entering grades K-12.

Good question. It’s never happened before, but it certainly could. Supplies are limited, and though we will be well-prepared to serve at least 500 children, it’s possible that the demand for this event could exceed our expectations. Because of this, all backpacks will be distributed on a “first-come, first-served” basis. If you are concerned about supplies running low, we recommend attending on the earlier day to increase your likelihood of getting a backpack!

Of course you should! This entire event is all about the kids! Each student participating in the event should be present to choose his or her own backpack and to help select whatever supplies he/she needs.

Unfortunately, no. Supplies for this event are limited per household, so we can only accept participating children for whom you are the parent, legal guardian, or primary caregiver. Your grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends, and neighbors are certainly welcome to attend, but they’ll need to have their own parents present in order to make a backpack.

We partner with nearby schools to help us maximize our outreach efforts. As part of our commitment to these partnerships, we pledge to donate any leftover backpacks or supplies to these schools to help teachers and administrators meet the needs of their classrooms. As a result, we generally do not have backpacks available to the public after our outreach event has ended.