Merry Movie Week

We have some disappointing news to share. Based on current data and existing health & safety recommendations, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Merry Movie Week event series.

Before we go any further, we want to offer a sincere apology to those of you who may feel hurt or let down. We're sorry if we got your hopes up prematurely by promoting an event that we ultimately couldn't move forward with, in good conscience.

We're sad about this, because there's nothing we'd love more than to fill our building with happy kids and families for a week, to watch movies and eat snacks and have fun. But to do that, we'd be risking the health of many among us and around us. Out of love for our neighbors and each other, we're choosing to cancel the event.

But we have another plan in the works, that will allow every family within our church to enjoy a movie night at home, while simultaneously providing an opportunity to reach out & bless friends and neighbors - stay tuned for details! (Questions? Contact us anytime.)

Upcoming Times

Please check back later for the next upcoming time, or email us at

Merrymovieweek Square Cancelled

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