Health & Safety Information

All information & policy is current as of Sunday, September 12, 2021.


We are committed to regularly revisiting and reevaluating the health and safety policies outlined below in order to best accommodate for the most up-to-date CDC and local government recommendations, and ultimately, to best love and care for you as our brothers and sisters in Christ. We encourage you to use your best judgment to make the choices about your health and safety that are right for you and your family.

In a similar manner, we encourage all to continue walking in love and respect for others’ decisions regarding their health. Whatever your personal decisions, we are committed to being a church that is free of judgment and shame, instead being known by our love for one another!

Masks & Distancing

Special Needs
Masks and distancing are currently optional for all adult attenders in our Worship Center, classrooms, and hallways.


For those who require or prefer distancing and caution while attending in-person, there will be a partial section on the ground floor of the Worship Center all the way to the right (noted in green in the graphic to the right) where every other pew will be chained off, and those who wish to sit in the back of this section will be asked to wear masks. This option will be available for use during both the 9am and 10:40am services.


We are currently requiring masks in both our middle school and high school services, as we are unfortunately unable to guarantee the option for social distancing in these more compacted student spaces. Students are not required to wear a mask if they attend services in the Worship Center or while in hallways or other classrooms.

Masks are currently optional in our kids spaces. If a child is dropped off with a mask, staff and volunteers will encourage and ensure that the child keeps their mask on for the duration of their time in the space. Staff and volunteers will also continue to help all children to social distance in hallways and classrooms where available.

Masks are currently optional for students in our Assisted Learning classroom. All buddies and leaders will be wearing masks throughout the duration of their time serving in the space.


We're grateful for the continued opportunity to gather together for weekly in-person worship services at 9am and 10:40am.


If you’re still not ready to worship in-person, that’s okay too! We’d love to connect with you virtually through either of our livestreamed services on our Watch Now page.


As much as we enjoy and are grateful to have everyone present to worship with us on Sunday mornings, we ask that you exercise wisdom and caution as you and/or your family experience symptoms of illness. Out of love and respect for those around you, we encourage you to utilize our livestream options on the Watch Now page in the comfort of your home if you or your family are feeling unwell.

In the case of Kids, some symptoms may disqualify one from participation in their respective classrooms and spaces on Sunday mornings. To see the full health and safety policies and procedures currently in place for kids, tap the button below.

More On Kids

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