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Our church has been walking through a difficult season in recent weeks. Together, our future will be defined either by embracing the grace and truth of the Lord’s will or by our resistance to Him. As a church, we lament the pain and confusion we’ve caused, our inconsistencies with the character of Jesus, and the time and energy that will be temporarily diverted from our primary mission.

For 87 years, our ultimate confidence has been God, who demonstrates His faithfulness in the finished work of Jesus Christ, forgiving all who turn from their sin and place their faith in Him. This is the good news of the gospel. We will rely upon Christ in this trying season, confident that as we humble ourselves before Him, His Spirit will lead us into the light. We invite you to pray for us and with us, as Jesus teaches, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Information and updates pertaining to our present situation will be archived on this page, and we will continue to post new details here as they become available. Expect regular updates from our Constitution Committee, a team of elders who will objectively evaluate recent events.

Questions, comments, and feedback for church leadership may be sent to updates@thechapel.life.


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Q. What happened?

A. On Thursday, May 20, Pastor Tim Armstrong (Senior Pastor) asked for the resignation of Pastor Mike Castelli (Campus Pastor, Green). Pastor Tim made this decision based on his belief that there existed under Pastor Mike’s leadership a culture among the staff at the Green Campus that did not support Pastor Tim’s overall vision for the church. Pastor Tim felt that these cultural differences were contributing to a breach in the foundational unity of our church. When Pastor Mike declined to resign, Pastor Tim terminated Pastor Mike’s employment.

Around the same time, concerns of a very different nature were brought to the Board of Trustees, involving claims against Pastor Tim of harshness and fear-based leadership toward The Chapel’s staff. On Friday, May 21, and Saturday, May 22, the Chairman of The Chapel's Board of Trustees called a committee to conduct an inquiry into these claims, in accordance with Constitution Policy C-19. (This policy can be reviewed in its entirety at the link in the Resources section below.)

The Committee engaged The Center Consulting Group to help with the necessary fact-finding to discern an appropriate path forward. Additionally, the Trustees placed Pastor Tim, along with Executive Pastor Jim Mitchell, on a voluntary administrative leave. In their absence, Pastor Mike was reinstated and also placed on administrative leave while the inquiry ran its course.

Q. What’s going on now?

A. In late May, the Constitution Committee engaged the services of The Center Consulting Group, an independent, third-party firm that assisted The Chapel in the fact-finding measures necessary to bring about resolution to our present situation. Their work included many one-on-one interviews, a broad analysis of our staff team, and more. The Center delivered their comprehensive findings to the Committee in a formal presentation in early July, along with a number of recommendations for the Committee to consider.

This inquiry uncovered a consistent pattern of conduct that substantiated the concerns raised about Pastor Tim Armstrong’s leadership. Given this troubling and consistent fact-pattern, The Constitution Committee unanimously recommended to the Trustees that Pastor Tim, in accordance with language outlined in The Chapel’s Constitution, was unable to fulfill the duties of senior pastor and therefore cannot be restored to the role of senior pastor of The Chapel. The Trustees unanimously voted to affirm that recommendation. In late July, Pastor Tim agreed to resign, effective immediately.

Q. How long will this process take?

A. Additional layers of decisions pertaining to Pastor Mike, Pastor Jim, and next steps are still being considered by our Constitution Committee and Board of Trustees. We remain optimistic that the remainder of our decision-making phase will come to a close within 90 days of May 21. The Committee remains steadfast in the desire for an expedient and effective process for the church, and it is our goal to keep you informed throughout.

Q. What additional decisions still need to be made?

A. Regarding Pastor Mike and Pastor Jim specifically, they both remain on administrative leave. The Constitution Committee and Board of Trustees are approaching the decisions surrounding each man independently of one another. We now intend to resume the decision-making process surrounding the issues related to Pastors Mike and Jim, including the issue of unity among staff members at The Chapel. Our hope is to follow up with each of them individually and then make a prayerful decision on how best to proceed.

Additionally, our Trustees are aware of the need to begin working toward long-term organizational and governance plans for The Chapel. They intend to shift their attention to these matters once all decisions have been completed, related to the three pastors.

Q. What should I do now?

A. Pray. Cover our church, our pastors, our staff, our trustees, and their families in prayer. And then, submit yourself fully to the Lord and acknowledge His sovereignty, in this and in all things. Allow your trust in Him to be unwavering, because it is in trust that we can rest. 

Q. Can I send notes of encouragement to the pastors or staff members?

A. Absolutely. Cards for our pastors, staff, and their families may be dropped off at any Welcome Desk on Sunday mornings, and we’ll deliver them appropriately.

Q. Who will be preaching on Sunday mornings?

A. Pastor Happy Peterson and Pastor Jeff Martell will continue to share the responsibility of preaching on Sundays. We desire to keep our eyes focused on Christ in the midst of crisis and to live as effective witnesses for the gospel. To that end, we plan to spend the next several Sunday mornings reflecting on the life, character, and teachings of Jesus.

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