Rhonda Messner



Midweek Opportunities (Wednesday Night)

The Arena

Wednesdays (Beginning September 13th) | 6:30am & 6:30pm
It is vital that men get involved with other men who are serious about submitting to God, who have had enough of sin’s deception, who are hungry to see what God could do with a willing servant. The Arena is our gateway for Ministry2Men. It is committed to moving men of The Chapel along the path of biblical maturity – so that as courageous brothers, loving husbands, nurturing fathers, and purposeful leaders they will inspire their church, influence their homes, and impact the world.

This fall we will study the book of James – to show us how real faith works hard and lives distinctively. Come meet with other men and be encouraged to follow after Jesus more wholeheartedly. The goal of our study is to enable each man to read, feed (meditate on God’s Word day-by-day), and lead (equip to teach others).

Wednesday mornings from 6:30am-7:30am in the Conference Room
Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm-8:00pm in room 123

Contact Pastor Dale Saylor: dale.saylor@thechapel.life | 330.315.5518 with any questions.


Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners meet every Friday morning at 6:30am.