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If we’ve grown up in the church, we might be thinking, “I already know these stories. Why study Genesis?” But Genesis is where God’s story begins! We must know the beginning. Everything hinges on the beginning. Everything. It is in these chapters that we are introduced to the purpose of Scripture: to reveal God and to make Him known. In the beginning, who? God.

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Check out our video teaching resources prepared by our Women’s Ministry Director, Carmen Beasley, and dive even further into your study of Scripture!

Genesis: In the Beginning, God…

September 11 – November 21

Are you struggling to find time to get into God’s Word? Are you hesitant to dig in deep, because you don’t think you’ll understand what you find? We’ve been there, and we understand the feelings of frustration and guilt that can creep into your heart when you feel inept or over-burdened.

But studying the Bible shouldn’t be a source of frustration. It should be a source of life-giving encouragement! This fall, study the Bible with our Women’s Ministry, using “Simply Bible,” our format for inductive Bible study.

Carmen Beasley, our Women’s Ministry director, will walk you through a study of “the beginning” as it is described in Genesis 1-11. You’ll gain a fresh understanding of how to study the Bible, and you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective of who God is.

Class Options:
Wednesday Mornings | 9:30-11:30am | East End
Wednesday Evenings | 6:30-8pm | East End
Thursday Evenings | 6:30-8pm | Room 123

“Sounds good, but I’m too busy…”

We know! Life’s crazy. We’re here to help. This specially designed Bible study can be catered to both the needs of the busy mom and to the woman who longs to dig deep into God’s Word.

“I don’t know how to study the Bible…”

No worries! Many women feel the same. Most of us feel inept about the “how” to study the Bible. Again, we’re here to help. We’ll provide a step by step framework to help you. Together we’ll study and grow.

These casual, come-as-you-are monthly events are designed for relationship and meaningful conversations concerning everyday issues of women. No registration needed. Women of all ages welcome… Bring a friend if you’d like, or just come yourself! Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be available.

Upcoming Dates & Topics

Fall 2019
September 21 – A Story of Learning to Pray
October 19 – Bible & Breakfast
November 16 – The Gift of Hospitality

Spring 2020
January 18 – Bring Me a Vision
February 15 – Divorce: A Women’s Story of God’s Faithfulness
March 21 – Inside Out Beauty

Serve Team

Want to grow deeper in relationships? Learn to be a disciple-maker and encourager by joining our team.

Longing for Connection

You’re welcome here.  Find a safe place to be known, seen and loved.  We are the women of the church, and we are diverse. One thing brings us together: Jesus.

Be present.  Be united.  Be part of the conversation.  Through Bible study and coffee chats, we seek to inspire and encourage women to love God and love one another.

Nikki Voyles