Laura Krstolic


Why We Gather For Worship

To be the church is to gather together. We gather for several reasons:

  1. To respond to God’s saving initiatives.
  2. To make much of Jesus our Savior and to recognize the saving work of Christ through the Cross.
  3. To center ourselves on God’s Word, which should be at the root of everything that we say, sing, and pray during our worship times.
  4. To magnify and exalt God (Psalm 34:3), and to edify (build up) His people (1 Thessalonians 5:11, 2 Timothy 3:15-17). A main focus of our singing is to address one another and build each other up.
  5. To give thanks in all things because we know that our greatest problem has been taken care of through the saving work of Christ.

All of the above are accomplished through singing, praying, giving, scripture reading, preaching, testimonies, communion, and baptism. These are all acts of worship.

God gathers us to himself for worship as an act of grace. The songs that we sing are Gospel-centered and reveal our belief in and love for the Triune God – Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Our times together should always be Gospel-centered, built upon our unchanging foundation, Jesus Christ. By doing this, God’s glory can be elevated in our hearts and minds, and we can be stirred up to do good works and acts of service in response to the Gospel.

Unbelievers will hear the message of the Gospel. Nothing we do in corporate worship should be unrelated or isolated from the Gospel. We gather to be reminded of and affected by the Gospel! As we plan our worship gatherings, it’s our prayer and desire that the moving of God’s Spirit among us is facilitated during our worship, and that we are constantly reminded of the truth and power of the Cross. May we go out loving and serving Jesus in all areas of our lives!

The Worship Team is a community of artists who love the Lord, share a passion for worship, and feel called by God to serve. Our team consists of choir, orchestra, band, vocal team, video production, camera operators, sound technicians, and production/set design. For kids/students, we offer kids’ worship choir and worship dance. We are always looking for new people who have a desire and passion to serve in the area of worship, using their God-given talents and abilities. If you feel called to serve our church in this way or would like to find out more information, contact Laura.

Our Mission

Our primary role is to lead and facilitate our church’s corporate worship times that take place each Sunday. Our church is a big and busy place, and that makes our time on Sunday mornings, all of us together in one place at one time, so important and valuable for us as a community of believers as we meet to pray, sing and hear the proclaimed Word of God. It’s the one thing that everyone at The Chapel in Green gathers to do together!

In addition to Sunday worship, we also lead other events throughout the year, including Choirs & Carols and Holy Week, as well as multiple Family Worship Sundays.

Kids Worship Choir

Wednesdays | 5:30-6:15pm | Choir Rm.
Kids (K – Grade 5) are taught what it means to be worshipers and worship leaders as they learn and prepare songs to sing with our Worship Team on Sundays and for other events throughout the year. Contact Laura if your child is interested in joining!