Terri Pearson


What is Discipleship Pathway?

Whether you’ve grown up in the church, or this is your first Sunday, everyone has questions. We have answers! We’ve developed this collection of classes that help answer questions you may have, like “Why do we study the Old Testament?” “Why should I serve?” “Why are small groups important?” and much more!

Our Classes

The Chapel is committed to seeing every person:

  • Believing in Jesus
  • Belonging to Family
  • Becoming a Disciple
  • Building His Kingdom

Our Discipleship Pathway classes are designed to help you understand what these things actually mean, on a deeper level, and how they apply to you. Click the chart below to see the entire “pathway!”

Start Here:

Happening Next: Sunday, Apr. 26 | 9am | Rm. 123
A one-session class on a Sunday morning

Learn more about who we are at The Chapel, become familiar with some of the important aspects of the church, and find out why we do the things we do. No registration required – we’d love to see you there!

Pick A Class

Take a closer look at the Discipleship Pathway classes we plan to offer soon, and sign up for one that peaks your interest! These courses are not sequential, so there’s no need to take them in any particular order.


Returning Fall 2020
A 4-Week Class

This 4-week course will help you understand God’s Word as one big story. Learn how we came to possess the Bible as we have it today, and how the Old Testament and New Testament are connected.

Believe | Part 1

Begins Sunday, Jan. 26
10:40am | Rm. 123
A 5-Week Class

This 5-week course will introduce God as our ultimate source of knowledge and authority, and will offer a broad view of the doctrines of God, man, Christ, and salvation.

Believe | Part 2

Begins Sunday, Apr. 19
10:40am | Rm. 123
A 5-Week Class

Building on Believe | Part 1, this 5-week course will cover such topics as the Holy Spirit, church structure, the ordinances of baptism & communion, Christ’s return, and eternity.


Begins Sunday, Mar. 1
10:40am | Rm. 123
A 2-Week Class

This 2-week course will help you understand how God has wired you and will help you to identify what gifts you possess that can be used to build His Kingdom.


Begins Sunday, Mar. 15
10:40am | Rm. 123
A 2-Week Class

This 2-week course will help you understand the ways in which God’s people are called to walk and live in community with other believers.


Coming Fall 2020
A 4-Week Class

God never intended for your salvation to be an end, but a beginning! In this 4-week course, you’ll learn what it means to grow and mature as a disciple yourself, as well as how to make disciples of others.