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April 2021

The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21 & 2 Corinthians 5:20). Some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and they need supporters to help fulfill the call from God to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ into the world. Please join us in supporting our Local and Global Outreach ministries and missionaries through prayer.

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Craig & Carol-Lynn serving in Poland - Please pray, we may be facing another lockdown to try and get the Covid crisis under control. Pray for strength and endurance for Carol-Lynn who is in her final year of her Masters in TESOL degree. Pray for wisdom for Craig as he takes on more leadership roles in our local church. Pray that through this he will encourage Polish believers to spread the gospel and work with us to see churches planted. Pray for more opportunities both in person and online to share the gospel here in Poland. 

Mozambique Outreach – (Director: Michael Boso) – Please pray for Pastor B. as he continues to reach three more villages.  The floods in these areas have taken out most crops in the fields. The church is being challenged to hold public assembly with the government restrictions.  The church continues to send discipleship group leaders to private homes. Our prayer is that the Word of God is not hindered that Bibles and other support materials can be distributed. We also pray for food to make its way into homes of the church community. Please pray for Pastor V. and Pastor M. as they respond to the great need of fellowship and strengthen the body of believers in their churches. Pray also that the FEA churches in the north can withstand the violence against the church by radical religious groups with the message of hope and peace.

India Outreach – (Director: Doug Lauer) - Pray for our pastors, their families and congregations that we have been connected to in Northwest India. Pray for the schools in India that are now opening in-person learning after many months of lockdown. Pray for the school staff and students at each of the schools that we have helped over many years. Pray for the new virtual health clinics and that many more will be created over the coming months to help people have access to good healthcare. Pray that the Lord would give our India partners wisdom, courage, and strength to meet the challenges they face and to make the best decisions for the ministry and their many workers.


Jeff & Sharon serving in Central Asia – Praise the Lord for the 6 Persians who have accepted the Lord! Jeff will do shoulder physical therapy till the beginning of April. Sharon will have shoulder surgery and will be recovering all of April. Please pray for our online ministry while we recover from our shoulder issues. Currently, we are involved in at least three online events, weekly.  Pray for our adult kids, pray they will follow the Lord and make right decisions. The Spring always brings many to our country from Persia, pray for many opportunities for the church to reach out to them. 

Nancy Ware serving Refugees in North Akron – Please pray for our summer programming plans---that our in-person plans will be productive. Pray for Thab and Ehku, two moms who recently received Christ as their Savior. Pray for their growth in Christ. Also please continue to pray for Ro and Mem as we build friendships with them. Ask God to draw them to Himself.  

Chapel Urban Outreach – (Director: Lisa Marshall) – Pray for upcoming summer plans at the schools and for an outreach event that will replace VBS this summer.  Pray for opportunities to be able to minister to children at the schools during the summer free lunch program.  Pray also for the schools to open up for us to be able to do ministry before the school year ends.


Nate & Danielle serving in Senegal - Several of Danielle’s students have put their faith in Jesus over the past several months, and there are others still inquiring.  Pray for the spiritual growth of these new believers, particularly a boy named Denzel, who comes from a M. family. We continue to meet regularly with our two M. friends.  Pray that God would continue to water the seeds of the Gospel that have been planted, and that God would open their hearts and eyes to the Truth that is in Jesus.  Pray we would have continued opportunity and boldness to speak to them about Jesus, and they would turn to Him.  Praise the Lord for his continual provision, we were able to buy a used car in good condition at a low cost, and people generously responded with the funds for us to purchase it.  We are so thankful for those who continually come alongside us in prayer, giving, and encouragement.

Yucatan Outreach – (Director: Todd Lewis) – Because of the pandemic our partners, Mission House, have gone through some financial diffcultities. Please pray God would provide the necessary funds to support the ongoing ministry in the Yucatan. Also pray for Pastor A. and his wife R. who had to step down from their pastoral position for a while to deal with some family and personal issues. Please pray that God would guide and give them wisdom during this time.  And pray that God would provide and rise up others within the church to lead and pastor the village churches.  Pray that God would strengthen the 7 village churches and use them to bring the hope of Christ to many.

International Outreach – (Director: Stephen Morris) – Pray for the outdoor Girls’ Night taking place on April 29th. Pray that the seeds sown among the various international women would take root and they would come to know Christ. Praise God for ongoing opportunities to interact with and bless these students in a variety of ways. Pray that the 10 students currently walking through the bible would hunger and thirst to learn more and grow in Christ.


J & M serving in Central Asia – Pray for continued good health for J. and healing and recovery for M. after recent thyroid surgery and respiratory issues.  She has been struggling with a variety of health issues over the last several months and needs the Lord’s healing touch. Pray for great wisdom as J. continues to lead the Church and all its related ministries.  The entire ministry is under severe persecution as of late and needs a break in the many attacks under which it is suffering.  Pray for stamina for J. and his team of leaders as they manage the day-to-day operations of the church. Pray for J. as he continues to write widely for an international audience on issues of justice, reconciliation, race and peace.  Pray that God would give him the words to write and that his international audience would respond positively as their preconceived notions and cultural worldviews are challenged.

Cambodia Outreach – (Director: Kathi Ferris) – Last month, members of our Battambang-6 home family were involved in a serious traffic accident (their van was hit from behind by a truck).  Everyone in the van was injured, some requiring surgery.  This has been a very painful and traumatizing event.  Please pray for physical and emotional healing, as well as full recovery for our precious BB6 family.  Covid-19 outbreaks continue to occur, resulting in off-and-on cancellation of in-person schooling, postponed baptisms and outreach events.  Please pray that these outbreaks will end.  Pray for continued good health for all our Cambodia family members.

Vietnam Outreach – Praise God for how HE has grown the church through the 9 Love Homes and 1 official church in 2 provinces of North Vietnam.  From the 9 Love Homes 6 of them have moved to stage 2 in their growth to become a “Church Point” – recognized by the local church demonation as a church plant, but not yet officially recognized by the government.  Pray that God would continue HIS good work through HIS people in these “Church Points.” Also, pray that God would give our partners wisdom as they develop a training for tribal women and families to empower them with practical life skills and Biblical family discipleship. Pray that this could help equip families and allow for the Gospel of Christ to be proclaimed clearly.

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