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November 2022

The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21 & 2 Corinthians 5:20). Some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and they need supporters to help fulfill the call from God to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ into the world. Please join us in supporting our Local and Global Outreach ministries and missionaries through prayer.

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Pastor Minh Dang serving in Akron – This Christmas, churches in Vietnam will organize many large evangelistic outreaches in large cities in Vietnam. Pray the Government gives permits for these events. Pray for the speakers and the Christians tasked with invitations and follow-up. Please pray for my upcoming trips to Vietnam. My partner and I will be visiting many churches. Pray for safe travel and our meetings with church leaders in many cities. Please also pray for the Vietnamese Church in Akron. Thank the Lord for His many blessings. Recently, many received Jesus as their Lord and Savior thru our church and are studying the Bible in the Baptism class. Please pray for these new believers to grow in faith.  This coming Thanksgiving and Christmas, our church has planned special Evangelistic outreaches to unbelievers. Please pray that many unsaved Vietnamese will attend these special events and please pray that many Vietnamese will come to receive the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Cambodia Outreach (Director: Kathi Ferris) – Please pray for continued health and strength for the children and parents of our Asia’s Hope homes.  Pray that the children would be encouraged to grow their faith in Jesus, to have a true love for studying the Bible, and to strive to follow God’s word.  Pray for those struggling in school, and for those preparing for their state exams.  Pray also for the home parents, giving them wisdom and encouragement to face the challenges in helping those children with behavior issues.


Yucatan Outreach – Please pray for the Yucatan church plants that the seeds of the Gospel would grow to deeper faith and that they would be stronger in discipleship. Pray that God guides our partner, Mission House, through some leadership changes. Pray that God would provide and rise up pastors and leaders for the village churches. Also, pray that God strengthens the Mission House staff to continue to host STM Teams and do outreach ministry to the different villages.


Gregg and Rawda serving in Middle East – We have begun the process of getting our area Academy accredited. Pray our efforts will be successful. We are also beginning the process of applying for a building permit for our new campus in H. Pray that our efforts will be successful for that as well. We have begun the process of discipling a new M. convert. Pray she would grow in her understanding and commitment to her new faith. We have just completed a new soccer field for our B. school. Pray we would use it effectively as a means of outreach to the community. We have just added 12th grade to our school in B. Pray that our seniors would do well in the standardized tests that they are currently taking.


Mozambique Outreach (Director: Michael Boso) – Pastor M. church held a crusade in B. district where they saw over 50 people come to faith in Jesus Christ, and a church plant begin to grow out of the event. Pray for Pastor B. and the churches of M. & also M. to grow and develop. Pastor B. has also received a piece of land in the village near our compound for a church plant. Pray that God opens the heart of this village to receive the good news of Christ. He asks that we pray for his children who are wanting to attend the university after graduation. G. W. discipleship groups continue to do great work in the field. The work in the agricultural fields has been slow to rebound after three years of crop reduction. Please pray for the recovery of agricultural production this year.


India Outreach (Director: Doug Lauer) – Please pray for spiritual healing for Pastor Is. and his wife who were attacked by radicals in their home recently. Praise God that a church building, in various stages of completion over 10 years, is finally finished and will be dedicated in early November. Pray for Dr. Beryl as she leads Good Shepherd’s Healthcare Initiative. Please pray for great wisdom as she leads the team that is building a new National Medical Center and provides the resources for this new facility. Pray for Dr. Beryl as she also leads the work among at-risk women and children and for a new 150-bed shelter to be opened soon. The facility is beautiful and will be filled with 100 girls as soon as it opens. Pray the one remaining permit will be granted very soon. Pray for wisdom for the ministries’ leadership as they lead this ministry throughout all of India during these very challenging days.


Dan and Lucia serving in W. Africa - Recently the final checks for biblical books of Ezekiel and 1 & 2 Kings were done in the language of M. Currently Jeremiah, Psalms, and Proverbs are being worked on, and we hope to have the whole Bible finished and in the hands of the people by 2027 or 2028. Pray to that end. Currently, terrorist activity is rampant in most parts of our West African country, so pray for safety for the translators and leaders, especially as they travel to help check Bible portions. Praise God Dan was able to visit and teach there in August and September. We praise God for our translator who recently finished the first part of his master's degree in Israel. Pray for him as he continues his studies. We praise God that Lucia was able to take little David, our grandson, to Pittsburg for 4 days of tests in October. Results will be coming later. Also, we are looking for a car to purchase and need God's direction to just the right one. The exorbitant prices are shocking. Please pray we find just the right car for us.


International Outreach (Director: Stephen Morris) – Praise God for a great semester so far. Pray we will continue to deepen relationships made so far. Continue praying for the hearts of each student that we have the blessing to interact with. Pray that their hearts would be softened to the Gospel and that they would be drawn to Jesus.


Kayleigh Benson (future missionary in Japan) – Please pray that I will have success in studying the language. It is very difficult for me. Please also pray for me as I prepare to visit the country for two weeks in the late winter. I will meet several teams there. Please pray that God directs me clearly and continues to guide the teams there. Finally, please pray for the Japanese people to have hearts softened by God and faith to believe and confess that God loves the world so much that He sent Jesus, His Son, to be the final and sufficient sacrifice for our sin, and that God resurrected Him so that we can know Jesus, be filled with His Spirit, and spend eternity with God, just as God created us to.


Nancy Ware serving Refugees in North Akron – Pray for Mu to be drawn to Christ. Praise that Nay and Neel are growing closer to Christ. Pray that God continues to draw them to himself.  Pray for Po, Ma, Eh and Hsar as they consider starting a family business. Praise for all those who have helped this year.

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