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We understand that there are many questions surrounding the selection of a new Lead Pastor for the Akron Campus, who will serve the congregation in Akron. We believe it is wise for the future elders in Akron to oversee the process of selecting a new Lead Pastor for Akron. In order for this to occur there are several necessary steps.


Step One

Members from all Chapel Campuses (Akron, Green, Wadsworth, Kenmore, Cuyahoga Falls, Nordonia, Medina) will vote on September 25 to authorize the establishment of local elder oversight on all Chapel Campuses, therefore affirming the course of action that will create 7 independent churches.

Step Two

The current constitution that governs all Chapel Campuses will be amended to govern Akron only, establishing local elder oversight in Akron. (New constitutions will be developed for the 6 launching churches and then later go into effect at the time each church launches.)

  • These changes to the current constitution will be recommended in keeping with provisions in the current constitution that indicate how changes to it are made. Accordingly, Interim Senior Pastor Zac Derr will call a Constitution Committee in the months following the September 25 vote.
  • Ultimately, these changes that will create an Akron constitution will be recommended to members for a future vote in Akron. After both an affirmative vote in Akron and the launch of the other 6 churches, the Akron constitution will go into effect. Though the necessary changes to the constitution are significant, we believe starting with the existing constitution and rewriting it where necessary preserves the historic identity of The Chapel in Akron while positioning the church for renewal.

Step Three

We anticipate the Akron constitution will outline a process in which the selection of the next Akron Lead Pastor is ultimately a voting matter for the members in Akron.

In the Meantime

We're working diligently to navigate these complexities efficiently. This is our best understanding of what needs to happen in this process at this moment. As the months proceed, details may shift where wisdom comes to light.

Our overarching goal is that future elders in Akron, with final affirmation of members in Akron, can identify the next Lead Pastor for Akron. We all desire a Lead Pastor for Akron as soon as wisdom permits and look forward to clarity on a timeline emerging.

During this transitional phase, Jeff Martell and Tim Marrero will continue to share the majority of Lead Pastor responsibilities; Jeff carrying responsibility for the staff and overall leadership and Tim serving as the primary voice of the preaching team.


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